So far nobody was able to find a cure for balding. This, so called, disease is troubling many men around the world. However, there still may be hope.

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Maryland studied a gene known as Hairless, which encodes a protein that is essential for hair follicle regeneration. In the study, a single protein has helped bald mice to get fur on their bodies.
The study showed that by controlling the timing of a key signaling pathway, gene Hairless regulates hair re-growth. Mice were genetically engineered to produce the Hairless protein and it turned out that they were able to re-grow a thick fur.

Lack of Hairless is a genetic disorder but is not the only reason that leads to baldness.

The new findings can help scientists understand the signals guiding the re-growth of hair and lead to the development of potential treatments for baldness.