I am postop cervical discectomy c/4, c/5, c/6. Previous c/5 in 2006. This level was scraped clean of scar tissue and all three levels done. Postop I was told to wear soft collar only when riding in car, not to lift anything over 5 pounds, and to walk 1 mile a day. I am miserable. I did fine with the first surgery but also wore a "fusion" collar for 2 hours a day. Was not instructed to do this postop this time. I am having problems with pain in right clavical area under incision site, neck pain, and severe headaches. I am only taking pain medication to help me sleep due to the fact there is no comfortable position for more than 10 to 15 minutes. There is still some residual pain in right shoulder. Will not see MD again until my 6 week check up in 3 weeks. Everytime I try to speak to MD he puts me off and does not seem to have time to talk to me and I end up speaking to nurse or physician assistant who informs me to just give it time. Is it okay to be still taking pain medication now or should there be more improvement. I am worried that something is not right since the first surgery was so easy. Am I overreacting or should I get a secong opinion. I did not see neurosurgeon before surgery and very breifly one day postop to be discharged when I did not feel comfortable going home with as much pain as I was having. What are some signs of complication after sugery.