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America has the distinction of consuming more than half the drugs in the world.  We also produce more than half the world’s drugs. We supposedly have the best health care system in the world, or do we?

According to the World Health Organization, America ranks 37th in the world for health care and no higher than 70th in the world for overall health.  So if what we are doing worked so well, why are we doing it so poorly?

In the July 26th , 2000 issue of JAMA, Barbara Starfield, MD of the Department of Health Policy and Management, Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health, wrote about how our system of health care ranks with such countries as Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, France, Australia, Spain, Finland, the Netherlands, UK., Denmark, and Belgium.

The U.S. ranks:

  • 13th - Last for low birth weight percentages
  • 13th - Last for neonatal mortality and infant mortality
  • 13th - Last for years of potential life lost
  • 12th - Second to last for life expectancy at 1 year for males, 11th for females
  • 11th – For postnatal mortality
  • 10th – For age adjusted mortality.

Did you know that the 3rd preventable cause of death in this country is traditional medicine?

It has been estimated by the CDC that the following data represents only 10% of actual reports to their center.  Our health care system:

  • Kills 12,000 annually from unnecessary surgery (being reported)
  • Kills 7,000 annually from medication errors in hospitals (being reported)
  • Kills 20,000 annually from other hospital errors (being reported)
  • Kills 80-90,000 annually from hospital acquired infections (being reported)
  • Kills 106-125,000 annually from non-error adverse effects of medication (being reported) That means you take a drug as prescribed and die anyway!

The results of this indicate approximately 230-284,000 deaths that ARE being reported lead to additional discussion.

This will lead to 116 extra doctor visits, 77 MILLION EXTRA PRESCRIPTIONS (do you think there is a financial incentive here?), 17 million emergency room visits, 8 million hospitalizations, 3 million long-term admissions, and 199,000 ADDITIONAL DEATHS.  This means a total of 483,000 Americans die each and every year from our so called, “health care system”.  The cost to us is $77 billion.

But don’t be so hard on medical doctors.  It’s not their fault.  It’s the fault of the system in which they were initially educated in as well as in their continuing education.  It’s designed to be reactive instead of proactive.  It’s designed to prescribe more drugs and ignore science in the fields of micro and macro nutrients, Glyconutrients, phytochemicals, phtosterols, anti-oxidants, and natural vitamin and mineral supplements.  It ignores food recommendations that can actually help the body heal.

Scary isn’t it?  What is scarier is your apathy toward this.  Thirty something college students are killed by a student with a history of psychotropic drug use and the country goes nuts for gun control.  But where is your outrage with the drug companies that continue to brain wash you into thinking you were born with deficiencies in their products?  Were you born with your body requiring foreign substances that can not be assimilated as food with the side effects that every single drug has?

People are dying needlessly here folks and you do nothing except run to druggist to get your Prozac, Paxil, Wellbutrin, Zoloft, Celexa, etc. because you can’t cope without the dope!  Feel ill, take a pill!  We have drugs for everything.

Ronald Reagan had a great slogan, “Drug Free America”.  Ya right!  Try telling that to Johnny who supposedly has ADHD and is told he needs Ritalin, a Class II narcotic in the same category as morphine, opium, and cocaine.

All drugs take approximately 12 years and $40 million to get to market.  Drug companies will do anything to make a buck as has recently been reported concerning Bayer.  They developed a drug for hemophiliacs that apparently was tainted with the AIDS virus, and THEY KNEW IT! The result after American’s started dying – ship it to countries like Japan, Spain and others and have the profits keep rolling in!

All drugs have to go through what is called a LD-50 Toxicity Test prior to getting approval by the FDA.  The LD-50 measures how much of a drug will be required to kill 50% of the test group.  That’s right, all drugs have an LD-50, and therefore all drugs have the potential to kill you.  Ever wonder why major drug companies have their labs next to major universities?  Who do you think is being tested?

Look, I’m all for a drug that will save my life during an emergency.  What I am against is the indiscriminate use of drugs that may have never been needed in the first place if people would just take care of what God gave them.

So what do I recommend to my patients and clients?

Take back control of your health that you have so freely given away to drug companies, insurance companies and doctors that are clueless in nutrition.

Did you know the average medical doctor receives less than 25 hours of nutrition throughout their entire education?  Why then would you go to them for questions on nutrition?  They can tell you everything about a drug and disease and very little as to how to improve health thus avoiding visits to them!

Every patient that comes into my office is offered an opportunity to join my adjusting lifestyles program.  This includes a complete health survey, nutritional survey, lifestyle survey, and more.  Then we tailor a specific nutritional program designed to replenish what pharmaceuticals have depleted and nourish your body with required nutrients.  These would include: Glyconutrients, Plant based, natural vitamin and mineral supplements, Phytosterols and Phytochemicals, Plant based anti-oxidants, and immune support formula.

Medical doctors, pharmacists, dentists, veterinarians, chiropractors, nurses, and physician assistants can now get Category 1 Continuing Medical Education units in nutrition by a company called Proevity.  Proevity’s level of education is so current, their curriculum has been accepted by all health care governing boards.  So no longer can doctors use the excuse there is no science in nutrition.

You are what you eat is true.  Health can be achieved by giving your body what your body needs to support life.  It’s called FOOD.  It’s not called a drug.