I am trying to see an orthopedist/neurosurgeon for confirmation, but am having difficulty. Either my insurance is not acceptable or they're too busy for appt. I have had a cervical herniation for about 6 years, never confirmed mind you, but I have had lumbar ones so I know the symptoms. Lately, I have been getting headaches (in the back of my head only) along with neck and shoulder pain. My fingers also go numb if positioned just so. Still have good strength. I believe the injured disc is C-7 (sports doc told me that once, then painfully pressed right on it.) Has anyone had any discectomy done on that disc? Especially one of the less-invasive micro/endoscopic procedures or a disc nucleoplasty? And was any fusion required? Until I can get an appt. this is just as a basis for me, because I don't even know if anyone does these procedures in Hawaii. But I would like to ask informed questions when the time comes.