According to a new study, enabled by the American Cancer Society, dying from cancer could be avoided by changing the lifestyle by quitting smoking, adopting nutritious food habits, regular exercise etc.
The study outlines that smoking carries the highest risk of cancer and about one third of cancer deaths in 2006 will be due to unhealthy diets, obesity, which has links with menopausal breast cancer and colon cancer, and lack of exercise.

The number of women that are getting aware of breast cancer and its complications and so are undergoing screening tests, has been steadily increased.

Dr. Jeffrey Weitzel, director of the Department of Clinical Cancer Genetics at the City Of Hope Comprehensive Cancer center, said that patients that have a hereditary link with cancer, can undergo the cancer risk counseling which will give them the idea if the further screening is required.
When detected early, breast cancer cases has shown remarkable improvement not only during recovery but also in terms of treatment comfort. Weitzel has advised people who want to learn more about screening to access the National Comprehensive Cancer Network’s website or the City Of Hope at