A study has shown that smoking seriously affects potency. 8,000 Australian men aged between 16 and 59 were questioned and it was found that almost one in ten had problems maintaining the erection.

Chris Millet, from Impeial College London, hoped his study would persuade male smokers to quit as smoking even less than a packet of cigarettes a day increased the risk of erectile disfunction by 24 per cent.

Deborah Arnott, the director of the Ash anti-smoking campaign, claimed that the reality is that smoking is a primary cause of impotence. It is proven that smokers are 40 per cent more likely to become impotent. Different researches showed that different things influence potency, such as older age, diagnosis of cardiovascular disease, moderate drinking, smog and even the ozone, among various air pollutants, appeared to be linked to decreased sperm production.