Some studies came to finding that drinking some alcohol, red wine for example can be helpful to the heart and circulatory system but on the other side, some studies pointed that alcohol is a big factor in the development of some cancers. Breast cancer seems to be one of it but it’s still unknown what kind of alcohol and how much of it affects that risk.

Research included more then 70,000 woman in a period of 20 years. Women were given questionnaires about their health habits periodically over the years. Researchers found that the alcohol increased the risk of breast cancer and that the amount that was consumed was directly related to the risk.

4% of the woman used to drink more than 3 alcohol drinks a day and with these woman risk of breast cancer increased by 30%. For women who drink one or two alcohol drinks a day risk of breast cancer increased by 10% compared to the woman who drink less than one alcohol drink a day. Study has shown that 3 to 5 % of all cases of breast cancer happened as a result of women habits.

Researchers came to finding that the alcohol itself raised that risk and it didn’t matter if women drink wine, beer, or liqueur.