New study that analyzed correlation between smoking and breast cancer found that smoking doesn’t increase the odds that a woman diagnosed with breast cancer could have more invasive or later stage malignancy. Smoking is certainly unhealthy but it doesn’t influence breast cancer, researchers claim.

Study lasted for about 35 years and it involved more than 6000 woman. Experts in the beginning hoped to find that smokers had greater possibility to have mastectomies due to physical health problems that are connected to smoking but reports showed quite the opposite. It appeared that woman diagnosed with breast cancer and smoked had the same chances of having the surgery as the woman who never smoked.

Smoking is a great risk factor for many cancers such as : lung, head, neck and bladder cancer but it has no connection with breast cancer, study reported. Report showed that there wasn’t significant correlation between smoking and tumour stage at the time the woman was diagnosed with breast cancer.