I have been on the depo shot for just shy of 2 years. It's worked great for me. No side effects until recently. I completely stopped having periods the very first shot. I had some brown spotting about a week before my last shot. I told my Doctor who said not to worry. I'm due for a shot in a week, and this time I've had brown spotting for over a month. I know this is a side effect but is this something that will eventually end? Or is this something that will continue? Also, I read about some woman moving the depo from 12 weeks to 9 weeks for a few shots to prevent this side effect, is that recommended?  Also, I'd been asked about trying Nexplanon. My doctor said since depo has worked for me(this was before the spotting) that Nexplanon should work well too. Is this something worth trying? I don't want to mess up what I already have.