There are so many incidents and tidbits that need to be describe or explained and I realize it would be premature to elaborate at this point. So I will just list things that come to mind:

Kirk’s father came out to help with the children and maintain the household starting in Jan. until the middle of March. 2006.

My wife Cleo and I were not informed by Leslie of their situation until the later part of February because of two major operations that I had in that month. We came to Redlands around the 15th of March.

Leslie resided out of the home at a friend’s house doing the cooking and cleaning. (They are “vegans”) for the seven months.

The first lawyer (recommended) was a disaster at their first hearing. His retainer was $5000.00. Eventually both had to retain their own council. I only can surmise what their outstanding bill is and their home is refinanced to the max.

Their agony was prolonged due to the prosecution’s delay by obtaining three continuances. An alternate judge was eventually appointed. This web of posturing by the hospital head of pediatrics, Dr. Clare Sherridan, and the DCS (Dept. of Child Services) is a book in itself. DCS hired a forensic psychologist to evaluate Leslie. Her copious report paralleled Dr. Sherridan’s agenda. DCS was supposed to be independent of Hospital influence but definitely they were coconspirators. The psychologists report was thrown out early in the trial based on contradictions and unsubstantiated conclusions.
The judge would not let her testify due to her lack of credibility. Dr. Sherridan’s testimony was equivalent to a sideshow as depicted by the judge in his closing arguments. She was totally discredited by Leslie and Kirk’s systematic presentation of hospital records, which the Dr, alluded to as having thoroughly reviewed before the trial. Her misrepresentations became embarrassingly obvious under cross-examination.

In the state of CA all children have to be represented by their own lawyer furnished by the DSC to protect their interests. The assigned lawyer never even met the children until the day before the trial began in a five-minute interview! The DSC required the children to meet once a week with the head of the psychology Dept. (Dr. Jenkins) during the seven-month period. This was an exercise in futility to the point of being comical. My wife and I observed these sessions on various occasions while transporting the children to and from sessions.

The sad part is that the DSC never looked into the background of this normal functioning family, but blindly accepted the dictates of a disgruntled Dr. who had been confronted with a letter written to her superior by Leslie in hopes that Leslie’s experience and research in dealing with connective tissue disorders would be at least acknowledged so she could expect some help.

For many years Cleo and I were skeptical of Leslie’s actions and concerns when managing her children’s so called (pseudo) medical conditions. It wasn’t until we slept, ate and observed the children over the four-month period that we realized Leslie’s medical concerns were not contrived. One must live with them intimately to recognize these disorders that are primarily manifested in the home. Out in public they are very good actors in disguising their conditions and telling all their friends and teachers that they are great. All four are above average scholastically. Mathew dropped out of honors classes due to the family impact of the last year. All the children were affected by this trauma. Matthew and Samuel both are in the academy symphony band and toured Europe two years in a row.

Leslie has four siblings, three of which alienated themselves from her. Communication between our families has been awkward and tense at times. --- Enough said….

I will leave it up to Leslie to tell the stories of the many Drs., lay people, school professionals and church affiliates that gave Leslie hope and support. God love them!

If there is further interest in pursuing the details, Leslie will over whelm you with personal letters from 3rd party professionals inflicted with connective disorders who testified in her behalf. Her medical index of the children’s history is amazing. Judge Cohen described the youngest childes records as “The Book of Ester”


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