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Hi all, I thought I would start a new thread that continued from the one linked below as its getting a bit unruly. Refer to the link for 14 pages of reference and support material.

Cheers, Kelly :-D


gday all.

apologies for the re-post, but ill help move the conversation into this new thread. thanks kelly. now, back to our scheduled broadcast...

thanks for your support and ideas watrskid... its very strange just how consistent this injury is around pain, mobility and recovery techniques for different folks. certainly is heartening to hear life will return to normal at some point. how long ago were you injured? where are you at currently with weight bearing, physio, work, sport etc?

i was really interested to hear from new yorker guest about your concerns around blood pooling in your foot - its something thats been troubling me also. i felt my cast was way too tight, to the extent that i went and visited the emergency room yesterday. the triage nurses agreed and put a cut all the way up the side of the cast - almost immediate relief painwise, but the scary purple foot still happens when not elevated. how long do you folks think this issue will last? is it dangerous or just uncomfortable? watrskid, do you still get funky blood movement in your damaged foot?

good tip with the crutches though.... certainly dont want more long term damage!!

thanks again for your help and comments folks, i really appreciate it.

cheers, paul

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Paul, thanks for your post on this thread. Hopefully we'll get everyone switched over!

About tight casts, I had my cast put on at 3 weeks and I too went to ER, the next day complaining about it being too tight. They cut it into 2 pieces. The next day I saw the OS who reapplied the cast with some more gauze wrapped around the foot to alleviate the pressure points and the tingling I was getting in my toes (this helped a lot although I still had tingling in my toes with the second cast). I'm not sure if I posted a link on the other thread about what happens if your cast is too tight, but its called compartment syndrome and the pictures are brutal. You probably don't have it because if you did - you could lose your foot or toes! Not fun! I had to lie on the couch with my foot above my heart and could hardly get back to the couch fast enough after going to the bathroom. It was not fun! Currently, my foot is still discoloured from the pooled blood and when I overdo it the flexibility in my toes is restricted. If I go to the doctor, they just say that I'm doing too much and to elevate my foot more. I don't know how much more you can elevate it especially since I have 2 kids (ages 3 and 8). Urghhh... I'm now 7 months post injury.

New Yorker Guest - I agree with Paul about your comments on pooling blood in the foot. Thanks!

Another Exercise Tip - I've also been walking on sand at the beach in order to work the little muscles/ligaments in my foot and ankle. When I first started doing it - it was painful but I'm getting up to a better (not fast enough to run yet) pace these day. The sand I aim to walk on is soft and dry with lots of movement and each step ends up at a different angle.

Cheers everyone, Kelly


I am glad that I found this site. I have been diagnosed with lisfranc dislocation on sept 8th. I origionally injured my right foot on July 3. I was on a jet ski and ended up falling off while doing a circle. It has been a real struggle. I work in an ER and havent been back since. I am scheduled to have surgery on wed, sept 27th. Looking back I wish I had gone to see ortho sooner but you just hope that you will get better. I am glad to know that I am not the only one out there.


Hi all, this is the new thread on LISFRANC FOOT Fractures as the old one is getting unruly.

Lisfranc Foot Fracture Part I

PT Treatments - I got my Family Dr to refer me to a PT in my area (as my OS said "They might do more harm than good"). Still can't believe he said that and neither can they but they are easier to talk to and ask questions of. Anyhow, when I go they give me these treatments (bear with me I can't remember what they're called but you'll get the idea) Light Treatment followed by Electric Shock Treatment combined with Ice. I've asked them not to twist my foot in any way as to cause me pain as its VERY tender so they just ask me to show them how flexible my joints are and what I am doing for exercises and then they guide me from there as to the next exercises and stretching things I should be working on.

SKH - I am also getting the comments on "Isn't your foot better yet?" Urghhh - I wish everyone could read this site and hear the complaints from everyone about how painful this injury is! Anyhow, as to your shoe question (this probably won't help but I'll share it anyhow), I'm wearing Reebox Beach shoes everywhere I go. I've just recently started to walk around the house (like from the livingroom couch to the fridge and back to the couch in the livingroom) just to get the strength back in those muscles but prior to this I was in my REEBOXs EVERYWHERE. Oh, and I do it late at night so that I can deal with any inflamation when I sleep.

Personal Update - I see a SLIGHT improvement every 2 weeks or so. To stay positive, I just remember where I was 8 weeks post injury and think "Yeah, its definitely better than it was so I must be getting better." I must say however, recovery sure is SLOW. I'm aiming for one year although I think recovery will reallistically take about 1.5+ years. Urghhhh!

In future, I'll be posting all of my responses on this thread.

Hang in there everyone, Kelly :-)


Hi everyone! I have found an excellent website that gives 495 different exercises. You can search for exercises on these filters (Equipment & Categories):

- Ankle Tube
- Balance Board
- Balance Board Combo
- BalanceFit
- Body Toning Bar
- Cumbbell
- Exercise Ball
- Exercise Band
- Exercise Mat
- Exercise Tube
- Extreme Balance Board
- Fit Tube
- Fitband
- Medicine Ball
- Power Weight Ball
- SitFit
- Step tube

- Pilates
- Balance
- Core Stabilization
- Abdominal Core
- Stretches
- Upper Body
- Abs
- Shoulders
- Chest
- Biceps
- Triceps
- Back
- Lower Body
- Hips
- Legs
- Ankles
- Calves
- Hamstrings
- Glutes
- Gluteus Maximus
- Quads
- Yoga

There should be something there for everyone. Don't forget to check with your doctor before you embark on an exercise program.

Cheers, Kelly :D


Hey all. Just had my screw removed about 2 hours ago. I didn't feel much - they numbed my foot (the shots hurt a bit), and I am able to walk without crutches. Right now my foot is still kinda' numb, so I don't feel pain yet. I was told to take it easy and stay out of the gym for at least a week, till my next visit, and not bike or do much with my foot for the next two weeks. I have two stitches, which will come out in two weeks - can't get my foot wet until then. The whole procedure was sort of weird - felt pressure, tugging. I asked to keep my screw, which I plan to make a necklace out of. Will keep you all posted.


I just found this site today, thanks everyone, for posting your experiences. For the first time in over a month, I know I'm not alone! I've never been injured or broken bone before, I'm 38 and a female.

First off, unlike so many experiences I've read, I'm not an athletic person or in very good shape. I was, prior to my injury, working 60-80 hrs a week as a retail manager consisting of long days split between desk work and time on my feet. On 9/6/06, skipping down my stairs, distracted by a call from work, I missed my last step on the stairs which winds and dislocated all 5 metatarsals, significantly and had some toe fractures. I went into shock, there seemed to be a bone trying to poke through the inside side of my foot, my toes were in all directions and the swelling was immense and immediate. I was taken to the hospital by ambulance, unable to move my leg. Dilaudid nor morphine via IV had any impact on my pain. The only relief came in the middle of the night by way of a spinal block administered prior to emergency surgery. I was told to expect compartment syndrome due to the amount of swelling but gladly awoke to a closed incision. I have 3 screws and 2 pins. I spent 3 days in the hospital.

At 7 days post-op, my foot was checked by the ortho surgeon and a new splint put on. Unfortunately the position of my foot(pointed) caused severe cramps in my calf and achilles tendon at around 18 days. At 22 days post-op, I had the 16 staples removed and a fiberglass cast put on. Also, my surgeon switched me to 'the foot guy' in my ortho group. I am not as satisfied with 'the foot guy'. Communication with him is near impossible and he told me that he was reducing my pain meds to a different amount than he ended up prescribing, half as a matter of fact. Within 24 hrs of the cast placement (which had my foot at a 90 degree angle rather than the pointed position it had become accustomed to), I was in the office asking that something change. Mentally, I couldn't stand the cast plus I can't tolerate the pain of anything touching the top of my foot, besides an ace bandage. The doctor never saw me that day, he relayed anything he had to say through a medical assistant that removed the cast, practically handed me the robo-boot and sent me on my way without discussion. I am 0 weight bearing until at least 10/19/06 when my pins will be removed.

My foot is still very swollen, especially in the ankle and heel areas. Also, still quite bruised with a lot of blood pooled at the heel. I keep it elevated most of the time, I use a walker as I feel too unsteady on crutches. I put some pressure on the foot, yesterday just to get an idea of what it might feel like to walk and have determined to not try that again. My company has been putting on the pressure for me to return to work and the short term disability company is dragging their feet sending my first check. The depression has been fierce, I don't have much of a support system. Noone in my life seems to think a healing process can last this long. I thank you kind people for listening to my long post and moreover, for sharing your experiences, it has helped me get more of a grip today. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Lastly, Kelly, I've had no weight bearing xrays, only several series of 0 weight bearing ones.


Hi AuthenticFacade, you sound like you are having a rough time - but that is to be expected, esp. in the first month after surgery. When I was pretty down, my husband told me to hop accross the street to the VA hospital to put my injury in perspective. It was small comfort to know it could always be worse - but I did start thinking that a few months out of life might not be as unbearable as I thought when they first diagnosed me. Hang in there, and keep your foot elevated and iced as much as you can - it's way too early to start putting any weight on it, so resist the temptation to test it out. It WILL get better.


Thank you Wtrskid, you are right, without a doubt. It could definitely be worse and when I think of actual tragedies that people endure, I'm ashamed of myself for letting this temporary situation take hold of me. Thank you for the good advice and insight.

Wishing everyone pain-free days and nights and a speedy recovery. :-D


I had my surgery on the 27th of september. I ended up with one screw and an accessory navicular removed. I never realized how much pain I was going to have. I ended up in the ER on Sept 30th with horrible pain that I could not get under control. I am better now. I have my follow up appt tomorrow, 10/6. The day of my surgery my os told me that instead of a cast post op that she would put me back into the robo boot right away, has anyone else had this or were you put into a cast? I feel that if I am in the robo boot I will try to get up sooner and do stuff that I will interfear with the healing process over going into a cast. I think the cast will slow me down and remind me that I cant walk on it. Wondering your opinions?? thanks


Hello sheribear!

Have you expressed your concerns to the doctor? I'm curious as to whether they gave you a reason for the boot instead of cast. I know that I was unable to have a cast until the staples came out of my foot. I didn't tolerate the cast even when I got it. The pain I have in my foot prevents me from using it at all, perhaps it will be the same for you. I hope your visit goes well.

I keep dreaming, literally, that I have a cast/boot/splint but I continue to walk. I just woke up from a nap where this occurred again, I had worn out the sole of the boot and had to explain how it happened, to the doctor. Strange, LOL o.O


Sheribear, in response to your question, I was put in a splint, rather than a cast, after surgery. I found it very bulky to use, and switched myself to an aircast boot that I had been given before the surgery about a week later - the surgeon said it was ok. I was completely non-weightbearing, albeit in an aircast boot. Resist the urge to walk at least 6 weeks - you have to let that joint heal, lest you have instability later on.


Hello AuthenticFacade
Wow, I just read your post, sounds like you had a pretty bad injury from your fall. I myself, just slipped and fell, although I was turning a corner. I read this can happen with a twist and a fall.

I will also tell you that with time it does get better. I'm 5 months post surg & just the past few weeks I have had some pretty good days. Are you having your screws removed?

Keep your foot up!
SKH - Shannon - Kansas City


Hello sheribear,
I also had the robo boot after surgery, I think it was due to all the swelling. I could also take a bath once I had the stitches out. I promised my Dr. that I would put weight on my foot, and I didn't! I had the wear the robo boot for 8 weeks post surg, 6 no weight , then partial. It's also a nice protection, incase something feel on your foot ( ouch).

Take care,