Recent research came to finding that mothers who are active during pregnancy end up by having kids who are more willing to exercise. Study also found that those women continue exercising after the child’s birth too. This could be explained by the fact that these mothers were a good example to their children and helped them create good habits.

Researchers say that it seems if children see their parents doing exercise on regular basis it could have positive influence on them. Report of this study says that children who’s mothers were active during their pregnancies were 3-4% more active than other kids.

Reports also claims that season in the time of birth had a minor impact on the results. Researchers found that children born in autumn might be motivated to do more sport because they have intention to be biggest and strongest of all children in their school year.

Results of the study show that children imitate their parents and look at them as role models in life. This includes exercise, eating and other habits too. Since the study is concluded it’s up to parents how will they behave in early stages of children’s lives.