A study that was conducted in ten American cities wanted to show how mother’s behavior and attitude reflected their children in different aspects. They were also willing to the same study on the fathers but not enough fathers applied for the study.

It has been shown that mothers’ strict and authoritative behavior could lead to obesity in children.
Four types of mothers were included in the study: over strict mothers, understanding and lovable mothers with clear rules, permissive mothers and neglecting mothers.
It appeared that children’s behaviors were actually stress-response behaviors.
Mothers who are strict disciplinarians risk their children becoming over-weight and obese later on. Mothers who are permissive, without discipline also risked their children becoming over-weight but not to the extent strict mothers had and children with permissive mothers were definitely under less stress. Similar response had children of neglecting mothers who showed no emotional involving and no strict rules.
In the end, researchers concluded that strict environments with no emotional involvement
are at highest risk of raising over-weight children.