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LKatt, I don't understand why you would refuse to prescribe it. I've tried dozens of meds, and on Effexor... I FINALLY felt right. It was the only thing that ever worked for me... and I really miss it (I went off cold turkey about a month ago for personal issues). I'm gonna have to get back on it in a few weeks, because I really feel horrible without it, even after it should've been out of my system. Effexor was a godsend for me. It saved my life, literally.


Thank you. I know, Effexor did really help me out at the lower doses, and it's advantage in treatment is it's quick action. I think in combination (when needed) it is great with Wellbutrin. And before I took it myself, I was aware of the withdrawal issues and always warned patients not to stop cold turkey, to go off verrry gradually. I just had no idea how dangerous the withdrawal could be. It could interfere with driving, it has made people think they have had a stroke, and the withdrawal does not disappear very quickly in some people. There is a longer-acting SNRI that has come out recently (duloxetine, I believe). It may be a better choice, and/or something that may help people reduce gradually who have Effexor discontinuation syndrome.
I'll try not to let my personal experience completely cloud my professional judgement! Thanks again for your comment,


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