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A new study shows that swine flu may pose more threat to humans than bird flue. Pigs are shown to have such physical make-up that makes them able to contract viruses from other species and also spread them.

What is more, pigs are able to host viruses and produce new virus strains that could be disastrous to human health.

The study involved farmers, veterinarians, and meat processing workers as they were suspected to be at highest risks to contracting a virus.

Farmers were found to be the most seropositive, which means they have already been infected with the virus as they have developed antibodies. Another high risk group were veterinarians and then meat processing workers as they had little contact with live animals.

Although it seems that pigs pose more risk for spreading the virus onto humans, the authors of the study say that there is no need for panic as swine influenza infections in humans is mild or without symptoms.


I've just found this news article from 2005 and thought it would be good to stick it out to show what we were being told back in 2005 :-)