I am 5 weeks post op and thought I would share my experience up to this point just to give another rough reference for recovery time.  Had a harmonic scalpel procedure which is supposed to minimize bleeding and recovery time, for 2 large internal hems and one external.  I was told before hand by my surgeon that my down time would be 1-2 weeks.  Someone else told me at least 1 month. 

The first 1-3 weeks my bms felt like the ones so often described as shards of glass passing. It would take several hours each time to recover from the pain of each bm.  Since my bm's were usually 1-2 times every morning, I would spend the day time in bed or reclining, trying to manage the pain, and by evenings I was mobile again as things calmed down. I did not leave the house for the first 3 weeks except for my one week follow up.  I mostly took advil for pain because narcotics don't agree with me.  I am still unsure if the advil made much difference.  After 3 weeks I could drive and do some grocery shopping in the evenings, still walking slowly, and painfully.  Recovery has been so slow that I wouldn't notice any improvement day to day until I looked back and realized things were better.  And as many others have written, I would feel I would take 2 steps forward then take one step back.  For example, at week 4 I had not had any bleeding for a couple of weeks then out of the blue had dripping blood during a "routine" bm.  It subsided quickly. 

Now at 5 weeks, I am able to sit up for several hours with breaks in between, and do light duty cooking, laundry, things around the house, more driving.  Since my job requires lots of walking, pushing, standing, minimal sitting,  I plan on a full 8 weeks off. I still have minimal thick, beige, foul smelling discharge.  My bms are still pretty painful and still with several hours of recovery time but less intense.

Best wishes to everyone going through this tough time!