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Im a 39 year old woman. Never had kids.

July 1st I had 2 external Hemorrhoids removed. Apparently they were very large. I believe he cut them off - i dont think he used a laser.

Ive had them for at least 7 years. Ive had a couple banded - but it was the external ones that bothered me.
They didn't bleed much once every two month - usually before my period.
They would swell up on occasion and be very uncomfortable.
I was very aware of them and was embarrassed sexually. I do not have anal sex but i thought it looked unattractive.
They were skin colour not red or anything like that.
I want to have children and I've heard that they can only get worse so i decided now was the time to do it.

It is now the morning of Day 5. The procedure was july 1st.

Everything is fine to some degree. (Reading these sites scares the hell out of me)

My biggest issues is that i have what i believe is swelling - at its worse its the size of half a small regular egg. sometimes if feels a little smaller like a full walnut (not half)
It is freaking me out.

It is also still bleeding continuously.

i cant sit.

I passed a BM the morning after surgery July 2nd. I am passing a BM at least 1 sometimes 2 a day. They are not as big as the first day - but im not eating very much - so im assuming that is why they are small.

Im taking 1 vicodin a day and maybe 2 xanax

Im eating only fruit / yams / a bit of soup / some nuts / a little flaxseed meal and a boiled egg

Im drinking at least 4 liters of water a day

2 servings of benifibre

3 100ml stool softner colace

1 multi vitamin

2 teaspoons of liquid iron.

i have about 4 warm baths a day

i use analpram about 3 times a day


How long before the swelling and bleeding go away ? some people say 3 weeks.. some say 3 months .. some say a year!

i know we all heal differently but there must be some kind of guideline.

i have to get back to my life. I want to have sex ? this looks worse than before

I went to my local health store and he said he could have cured me without surgery


i had two external thromboses hemorrhoids that developed/flared in the middle of a summer camp i work. They became so unbearable that i left camp and saw my dr the next day. he confirmed that it was hemorrhoid(s) 2 not one and proceeded to try to empty the clots with little luck. he sent me to a surgeon who saw me immediately and worked a bit more on removing several small clots but recommended surgery as a long term solution since i'm 32 and not crazy about the idea of walking around with two walnut sized balls of pain hanging out of my rectum.

Had the surgery five days ago and all was well except for an unfortunate quirk in my body chemistry that doesn't allow many reg pain meds to work. Also at the er i got my first ever catheter bc I hadn't been able to urinate in over 8 hours despite me definite need to go. What's a rubber tube blown up in your urethra when your whole bottom is in hellish pain.

By day 4 i am off the all the pain meds except valium, collace and gas x. i was starting to get constipated from the pain meds despite my soft high fiber diet, but i finally had first two respectable sized bm's and the pressure in my gut is much less. unforturnately i have also developed over the last 2 days or so some new swelling outside the rectum, and part of it appears to be have puss or just looks generally unhealthy. With luck I'll be able to see the surgeon again tomorrow and identify and remove this latest situation. It's making bowel movements that much harder and it's very hard to keep everything nice and clean.

I'm wondering if anyone else has had this type of situation.


Can you please write an update?
I went through the knife one week ago today. I had it on Thursday. I was back to work by Monday (not by choice).
The paing is preety much over for me but the bleeding and swelling is just nasty. How long before it went away in your cases?
Did your DR have to go back and remove the new piece? What I got now feels bigger than what I had before....
I had 2 external and two internal.
My next appoitment is next week but I read that many people had swelling to a point where they thought the roid just got bigger but was not. Yet I could not find anyone who came back to the forum to tell when it went down.


Hi Ray

I dk if anyone answered you or not yet, but here goes. I went for check up at 3 weeks and still swollen pretty bad, but other than that pain was ok and bearable. I was back at work after 2 weeks and managed fine apart from cringing sometimes if i had to go at work, some pain. I have been ok until today and i am 5 weeks post surgery today, and some bleeding again even though it had stopped for the past two weeks. Look it feels like the roids are still there for a while, but the skin tags shrink slowly, mine are gone down a lot, but still swollen and vary day to day. Now they are pretty small I think she removed about 4 of the buggers from me!
Apparently it takes about 8 weeks to completely heal up and swelling to completely go down, its a slow process.
Good luck it will get better SLOWLY.


Hi All,

I am contemplating surgery to remove a small size external hemorrhoid. One year ago, it was the size of a pea. Now it has enlarged to double that size, even after I soak in a jacuzzi 3x/wk. It will only hurt after a BM especially if I have 2/day. Some days it does not hurt at all. I have no bleeding. I am 44 yrs old, and have no children. It does interfere with my sex life. Pregnancy can happen in the future but is unlikely. I am thinking about waiting until it gets worse. Does anyone have advice as follows:

1. Does hemorrhoids usually get larger/worse over time if I do nothing?
2. Is there more difficulty/pain with surgery if my hemmy is smaller rather than larger?
3. Would you go through the surgery again?
4. What has your experience been like 1 month after surgery?

Thank you, Theresa


Thank u for the reply.
I have gone back to the doctor and the way it looks now the surgery actually made things worst and caused a new twice the size of before hemorrhoid......
They discussed the risks involved before the surgery, this was not one.
Going thru all of this only to be worst. They want me to do it again to get this new one but I think I won't, because now I know I can wake up with a golf ball down there.
So to answer the last question I would not do this over if I could go back. I had two really small ones that just bothered me because they would sweat more than the rest of my body and I wanted them gone. The dr made me feel like it was the easiest procedure and there's a huge success rate.


Sorry to hear about your experience Ray. I hope it gets better. I am seriously reconsidering the surgery and will probably wait. Thanks
for responding.



Hi Ray and Theresa

I am sorry you have had so much trouble Ray its a tough decision to make whether to do it again or not. I am 47 yr old female and i am now 7 weeks post op. I have to say its the best thing i ever did having the op. Surgeon commented after surgery "They were the worst I've seen" I thought i was in for a nightmare and for 2 weeks it was, the panic attacks the sweating the pain when having a bm. Looking back after that two weeks its been a breeze. Pain at times, swelling yes, but no swollen hemarroids after bm, no all day pain after bm. What a difference and life change. I put up with it for a year of constant problems, then i said i have to do the op, i can't live like this forever. I had a great colorectal surgeon, and made sure i did the research before i went to her.
I would do it over again, even though i know the pain and anxiety is horrendous.
Theresa bare in mind every situation is different and everyone heals differently and no two situations are ever the same.


I also forgot to mention for Theresa, thats how mine were exactly as you describe. If i had a day with no bm it was fine, mine did not bleed just swell up after bm and boy what a day trying to sit on my side trying to get comfortable. These are not going away without treatment. To start a year ago, we did two different creams for 4 weeks, no real change. Then, I had a laser treatment, no change, so we did another laser treatment. Then we did a colonoscopy, and she rubber banded one internal rather large hemmy at the same time.
I thought this should be ok. After about 4 weeks same old problem because mine were mainly external at that point. this all took 8 months and I couldn't stand it any more, i had had enough. I went back and she said we have done everything we can the only other option is surgery, and its very painful. I thought try having a bm and being in agony all day, you dread going to the bathroom because you know what you are in for.
Well I spent my two weeks mainly in a bath or sitzz bath, and boy does that help. I felt like a mermaid.
1month out i was practically back to normal, except for a little swelling and bleeding from time to time, but it takes 8 weeks to completely heal.
Believe me I think you would be better off taking care of them sooner rather than later!


Thank you mbkg92.
Your words are very encouraging. After reading several of these posts, it appears that most have had an excrutiating painful experience. I am left with the decision with should I have this surgery now (younger age, easier recovery and small hemmy) vs later (risk: older with larger hemmy) My assumption is the hemmy will become larger over time. Or maybe I can somehow deal with soaking in the jacuzzi when I can. The pain is definitely bearable after a BM, just annoying. Theresa



Good luck with it, i hope this works just see how it goes.
I hope they get better and you do not need surgery.



I had 3 large external hemorrhoids and 3 internal. I have had them for years and they continued to get bigger but I had a healthy fear of the surgery. A blood clot formed in one of them and I finally had to bite the bullet and had to go ahead with the surgery.
I was fine the first day and because I am in recovery I refused narcotics. BIG MISTAKE. Ultram didn't touch the pain and I seriously almost passed out from the pain the first time I had a bm. I did everything they said, high fiber, colace, tons of water, very little dairy but I would strongly discourage anyone from trying this surgery without vicodan or percocet on board afterwards.
They ended up admitting me so that they could give me IV pain meds to get thru the last few days. I'm home now and am doing a soft soft diet (shakes and soup) with some fruit. This morning was the first time I didn't cry while having a bm.

My question is when does the fear stop to use the bathroom? At some point I have to get back to work and lead a normal life. I'm afraid to be away from my sitz bath lidocaine cream!


Hi Max and Ray,

Hope you are well during this T-giving day. I had the surgery 2 days ago and am recovering just fine. I'm surprised that I have no more pain and swelling. However, the pain and swelling was excruciating right after the surgery including the next day. I've been sitting in the bathtub for an hr. I am glad that I made the decision to move forward as the hemmy started to get slightly bigger.

Today was my first BM and WOW, that was an ordeal. An hr on the toilet. There was not a lot of pain surprisingly, just discomfort and frustration.

Thank you for your support and sharing your experience.



Notice that no one has replied to this forum for a while so I wanted to add my experience.  I just had surgery yesterday. I had MANY large internals and apparently an external that was never discussed but surprisingly removed.  I plan to ask my surgeon about this!  After the surgery I actually felt great.  Still no aching, but the burning outside actually makes me feel like vomiting.  I am desperately seeking advice on how to handle this.  My DR gave me protofoam that i can not bring meself to apply bc I have to insert it and Nupercainal to use externally.  I can only use every two hours but at this point would love a steady flow!  I took a hot shower and let it run down my back for 15 min which made a difference in the burning, applied my cream and took two percocet.  I am also trying to avoid getting constipated now that I have realized that there are external incisions.  I am terrified of the first bm.  any advice would be greatly appreciated.  I have to say that day 1 after surgery (right now)  isn't terrible and I hope that i am able to continue to control it.  Thank you for all of the POSITIVE notes.  I had a really hard time finding anything positive in other forums.  This gives me hope.



I couldn't apply anything either, too swollen, wouldn't want to put anything near there for weeks, i wondered seriously do they expect me to insert this thing, forget it. Wait a week or two and then you will be able to insert it.  Just rub it on the outside gently after bath or sitz bath.  If they gave you valium take it before you have a bm, the anxiety and panic i felt i had not been warned about, and was in a terrible state.  Fill up the bath ready to get it after the bm, because of the pain and stinging and throbbing this will help enormously, just keep the water as hot as you can stand it.
I hope you have a sitz bath, that's just great to sit in just to ease the pain.Hot hot water!  Its your best friend!
Plenty of water and fruit and fiber one cereal, bananas, and high fiber bread.  I lived on this and stool softeners and metamucil.  Some people drink the prune juice to make it really soft.
Keep heat on there, hot water bottle, heat pad, sit on it all the time, i did it was great!  This will definitely help with any pain, burning, throbbing.