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I wanted to start by saying that this website was so helpful to me pre and post surgery that I wanted to come on here when I was well enought to post my story in hopes it would help someone like all of the previous stories I read helped me.

I am a 37yr old mom of 2 suffering since I was 21.  I ended up getting 2 internal and 1 external removed.  They werent bleeding or in piles, I wanted them out before they got too bad and for cosmetic reasons.  They were always out.  The surgeon would only remove the 2 internal and left 1 more (why I am still not sure, but I will not go back to get the other one removed).

If I could give some crucial advice, it would be to prep properly.  This is huge.  Start stool softeners at least 1 week prior as well as increasing your fiber. You have no idea how much this will help your recovery.  I wish I had of taken this advice.  I cleaned myself out with an enema the night before, but wish I had of done more.  My surgeon (general) did not give any prep op instructions, I cleaned myself out because I had eaten too much the few days before.

Day of surgery-  Surgery went well, I was scheduled for 9:30am.  I was so nervous and was given Celebrex before and another mediciation to help with the pain meds after.  The surgery was supposed to be 20mins, when the doctor went in he noticed that the size was now a grade 3.  I was out before I knew it and awake before I knew it.  I woke up having to urinate, which I was worried about after reading reviews on this site.  Urinating was never an issue during my recovery.  I felt awesome when I got out of recovery, thought I could conquer the world.  Went and got my meds, ate great and had a wicked nap.  Well it was about midnight that the pain meds starting wearing off.  My doctor only gave me a script for 40 x 800mg of Ibuprofin, however I had Percocet from a previous illness.  Be aware the Percocet WILL BUNG YOU UP.  As others said, only take it when the pain is intense (which is most of the time).  I alternated between Ibuprofin and Tylenol taking the Percocet at bedtime only WITH the Advil.  I wish I was given Valium, Xanex...anything.  Colace was the stool softener I was taking and starting taking 8 per day.

Day 1-  Wow.  What do I say.  As others mentioned the pain is really intense and I gave birth twice.  This is much worse. I spent most of my days in the bathtub (i didnt have a sitz bath).  This helped alot.  I also spent alot of time with an icepack shoved in my rear.  I also wanted to mention that I did have gauze in my butt that I pulled out the day of the surgery (as instructed by my surgeon).

Day 2&3- Spent most of the day in pain, crying my eyes out and regretting ever having this surgery done.  I was an emotional mess.  I didnt want to see anyone, not even my kids.  Thank god my husband took the week off.  I feel single parents that have this done with no help.  I couldnt even imagine.  I contemplated going to the hospital for pain relief because I didnt know what to do.  Like I said, I was a mess.

Day 4- I was concerned when I woke up.  I still hadnt had a BM and I was so scared because I knew from reading what it would be like.  I think I may have psyched myself up too much though.  Regardless of the amount of stool softeners and fibre I was taking I still hadnt gone.  So I sent hubby out for a mineral oil enema (as suggested) and MOM.  I called the surgeon and he was on vacation so they told  me to go to the pharmacy (or call Telehealth- I live in Canada).  Well I wanted so badly to use the enema, but my butt was so swollen I couldnt even find my anus- I am not even kidding.  I could even get the enema in.  This scared me because if I couldnt get an enema in, how the heck was anything going to come out???  I ate a handful of prunes at lunch and by dinner I was on the toilet- screaming.  It was painful, but not as bad as some described.  It was straining to get it out that hurt and then AFTER was when the pain came.  I had my husband hold my hand and pushed like I was trying to give birth, I didnt care if I inflamed the other hemmi.  I fell asleep in the tub with my hubby holding my hand crying because I was in so much pain after. 

Day 5- I was on top of the meds today anticipating another BM.  I went 3 times today, it was still painful but I pushed through it literally).  I always had someone here when I pooped in fear I would pass out from straining.  BUT it did get easier, it was painful after for a few hours.  So I would always jump in the tub after, for at least 2 hours.  But it did get better.  I did bleed after every BM so wore a pad and it helped.  I also used a topical cream called Nupricanel (apparently discontinued in Canada- my hubby was able to find a single lonely box left at a local pharmacy).  It is like lidocaine, but less effective.  It worked the first few times but for some reason because ineffective.

Day 6- Well things started looking up.  For some reason I started feeling much better today.  It still hurt during and after each BM but got better.  I was sleeping alot during the day, I couldnt sleep at night at all.  When lying still the pain would really intensify.  I was out of Percocet so I was just using Advil at night.

Day 7- Finally started getting my appetite back.  I am extremely fit and was ready to start walking around more.  I think this really helped.  I continue to have sore BMs but they are getting better- because they are softer which helps BIG TIME!! make sure your stool can "fall out" of your body.

Day 8-9- Finally got out of the house to the mall to get some last minute Christmas shopping.  Think I may have overdone it because I am sore today.  Kept up on the advil/tylenol rotation today because I knew that I would be busy.  I had the biggesgt BM this evening (day 8) and felt relieved.

Day 10 (Christmas Day)- Feeling fantastic.  Really good! No more pain and I hadnt taken a bath since Day 7.  I am finally feeling human today.  Small amount of bleeding after BMs but not bad at all.  I also have some discharge which smells a bit, but I have read this is normal and your body getting rid of the bacteria.  Cant feel the stitches either but my butt looks horrible.  Looks like I have about 4 tags and the other internal hemmi is out.  I am not going to worry about it until my check up at one month.  I am just happy that I am feeling better.

Day 11- Back to the gym and it was great.  Had a great workout! Ate normally and pain free BM.  I am so happy and feel normal today.

Day 14 (today)- 2 weeks post op and I can honestly say that I am at about 90%.  I feel great (aside from my butt looking a mess), but I am moving on with my life and waiting for my drs appt.

Long story short, looking back it wasnt a pleasant experience and I was in alot of pain.  But I am happy to feel normal again and can put this behind me and focus on my family.  I did take 3 weeks off and I am happy I did.  Biggest advice I can give is to start your pre-op regiment.  Take the stool softeners and get yourself on a high fibre diet!  You WILL get through this, and if you are reading this while you are recovering try to stay positive.  I know that it doesnt feel like it now, but you will recover and put this behind you.  I feel like a stronger person now having been through this. 

Happy healing and I wish everyone a speedy recovery!


Is there any way you could update your condition? I just read your post today, and I'm curious if you healed up okay and how life is going now. Thanks!