Scientists recently came to finding that human embryonic stem cells can be used to re-grow the heart muscles of rats that had survived lab-induced heart attacks . This is very encouraging finding that gives us hope that human embryonic stem cells can someday be used to help people who suffer from heart attacks.

Researches performed a series of tests on rats and in the beginning only a small percent of the stem cells were becoming a heart muscle cells. Stem cells are interesting to the researchers because of their ability to transform into any kind of cell in the body. Problem was to control the cells in their transformation, to get the cells to become a heart muscle cells instead of cells for some other organs in body such as kidney cells for example.

In recent studies however researchers found that certain proteins can stimulate the right growth and finally they came up with the "pro-survival cocktail" of chemicals and used heat to the cells to make them behave in the way they wanted. The result was that about 10 percent of a damaged heart area was restored and that amount is enough to stop progression of heart attack.

The study encourages researchers to believe that embryonic stem cells can be suitable for human transplantation in the future.