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My brother is 59 and has Stage 4 renal failure (16% ish) as well as heart condition. He has been getting really ill in the last month and the renal unit are recommending we place him on the transplant.

Im just not sure he can handle a transplant or even if he has enough time. He is looks tired with no appetite for food or company or anything.

I love my Bother dearly and can’t bare the thought of losing him. One of our doctors recommended we try stem cell therapy but it would require going overseas. Has anyone here had any suggestions? Am i over reacting about transplants?

Be very grateful for any thoughts or experiences to help us find a solution.


Sorry to hear about your brother. I can only imagine how difficult a time yall must be having.

Late stage Kidney disease usually always requires a transplant. This may not be the case for everyone. Also stem cells are still experimental and probably not an option for your brother unless he joins a clinical trial or goes overseas for treatment.

Have you checked with any local clinical trials to see if he would qualify? That would be the best starting point. If for any reason that is no longer an option maybe check with the Salk institute, mexico stem cell center or regenerartion center of Thailands kidney program.

Best of luck to you and your family.