Here is another interesting but still just a preliminary work.
Scientists believe they have found a way to get plentiful stem cells from umbilical cord blood to treat people with diseases. They have identified cells within human umbilical cord blood that appear to be very similar to embryonic stem cells. Some of these cells expressed the same proteins or markers as embryonic stem cells, and were able to develop into liver cells.
From about 40-100 millilitres of cord blood they have been able to multiple the cells to numbers large enough for treatment thanks to space technology involving near-zero gravity.
When cells are cultured in the Earth's normal gravity they grow much slower and as a flat layer. At microgravity they grow much quicker and in three dimensions, showing the way organs grow in the embryo in the womb.
Because the cord cells could be selected to be a good match for the transplant recipient, the likelihood of a tumour developing was also very small.
What is left to be shown is whether the cells are pluripotent (capable of making cells from all three germ layers ).