Urinary incontinence is a very common disease among people and the cause of it seems to be deficiency of the urethral sphincter muscle which is often related to trauma during child birth and sometimes as a result of prostate surgery or simply result of aging.

New study found that muscle cell transplants could be solution for this condition. Experts discovered that transplanted muscle helps increase urethral pressure and improve incontinence. This muscle that’s being transplanted could be cultivated in vitro and when it’s grafted into normal muscle they fuse and regenerate new fibers.

In the study that’s been performed on rats, researchers took myoblast muscle cells from the leg muscle and transplanted it into the sphincter muscle which was weakened. In the same time, control group who had same muscle deficiency received saline injections and the results after 3 weeks showed that group which received transplantation had significant improvement in incontinence.

Experts say that this procedure could be a break through therapy for urethral deficiencies that can lead to human incontinence.