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Australian researchers may be very close to creating entire human organs in the near future. They have recently managed to grow beating heart tissue.
Different scientists around the world have managed only to grow two-dimensional tissues like skin in the laboratory while Australians managed to create three-dimensional tissue.
These scientists are using patients’ own stem cells in creating tissues and possibly whole organs soon. This is important as it cuts risks of immune system rejection of transplanted organs.
In order to create such tissues, scientists are using microsurgery. Microsurgery allows them to implant a blood vessel in a specially-designed chamber together with stem cells, so that they could grow into various tissue types.
Such approach to tissue creation brings hope to many people whose lives depend on transplant. This way the lives of many Australians and other people from around the globe will be saved.

These Australian scientists have already created breast tissue, fat, muscles and pancreas tissue that secretes insulin using this technique.


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