It was thought until recently that only red whine was good for the heart as it was made from both grape skin and the pulp while the white wine manufacturers used only the pulp.

It was known that it is the grape skin that contained antioxidants good for the heart but a group of American and Italian researchers showed that the grape pulp could be just as healthy and offer as many benefits.

They conducted their study on the lab rats that were given water, grape pulp extracts and grape skin extracts for 30 days before inducing heart attacks.

The study showed that grape skin and grape pulp extracts protected rats from heart attacks equally and that the rats from these two groups suffered smaller heart attacks than those given water. Both extracts, skin and pulp, had the same level of antioxidant activity. The only difference was that the pulp extract didn’t contain other types of polyphenols.
This is the first evidence of cardio protective effects of the grape flesh. More research is to be done to understand what ingredients exactly had these cardio-protective abilities