hi! i have a hormone problem. my period are usually irrugular. but i usually do bleed alil even if its just spotting. this mth i havent even did that.and i been ahaving alot of syptoms like... headaches, heartburn, tirednesss bad, change in appatite, bad mood swings and my breast looks alil bigger and i feel like im bloated also alil liquid stuff is coming from my breast looks like milk in away.But ive tooking a few home test they all showed neg. i miscarried already once before but before i did i found out i was prego at 6wk because the home test kept coming up neg. then i got pregnant again alil later found out wen i was 9wks b/c the test kept coming up neg.i carried him all the way. had him at 36wks. now he is 8mths. and my breast dried up right away from having him i tried to breast feed and had to stop b/c my breast dried up. so i know the leaking should be from when i was pregnant w/my son. so i dont know if im pregnant or not. any advise would help thanks