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Please help me I have never been so scared,terrified or sick in my life D:. Me and my boyfriend have been going out for 10 months and we thought that it was time to get serious and take our relationship up a step and by this I mean having "oral". We are both virgins and Im not planning to have sex with anyone until I know that their the one and that everything will be okay if im pregnant. Im 16 and my boyfriend is 17 by the way. About 5 days ago my boyfriend came over my house. My parents werent in the house so we thought it would be the best chance do to it. So I have him a Hand j*b and there was alot c*m but when i finished a majority of it was on my hand and i wiped it off with a tissue. He on the other hand tried squeezing the excess out and he wiped it up against his pants. 20 minutes later he tried fingering me he put in one finger not all the way up and tried adding the second but i told him to stop because it hurt especially because im not use to having things up there.

Then yesterday my mum said she wouldnt be back home until 6pm because she needed to do some Christmas shopping and my dad had late shift until 7pm . So this time I went over his house and we did everything except for s*x. We layed in bed , him shirtless and me in my bra both wearing shorts just to be safe. We grinded in bed with the shorts on to be safe so that c*m wouldnt come inside of me. There was only 1 time when I had my undies on and he had his shorts on that he grinded . When we first got into bed he fingered me and then I gave him a hand j*b and a blow j*b after this I went to the bathroom and washed my mouth because i had swallowed some c*m and the taste was unpleasant. Then I got back in bed and he wanted to finger me and eat me out but i told him to go and wash his hands and he did with soap but no idea wether with cold or hot water. Once he came back he fingered me followed by going down and eating me out and fingering me with 2 fingers. I gave a hand j*b again and blow j*b but didnt rinse my mouth he tried getting the c*m out by squeezing the head of his penis but nothing came out. he fingered me but then i told him to wash his hands again incase i become pregnant so he did. He continued to finger me and went down on me a second a time and repeated the process.

After that i gave him a hj again and it was the first time he c*mmed and it wasnt alot. After everything was done he told me he had wa*ked this morning before he got here and that's the explanation for him not c*mming. But went on to tell me that he has "blue balls" and he really wants to c*m but just cant . Throughout the whole day he didnt cum once until the very end like 15 minutes before he had to leave to get home and he didnt finger me after that. But after he left I felt kind of dizy , very tired and quite hungry as I only had an apple for breakfast  . I woke up today and throughout the day my stomach has been growling continually . Whenever it started growling i went and ate something but once i finished it still growled. My period is suppose to be due in 2-3days and im freaking out if Im pregnant . Im at the stage where suicide is on my mind because If I was pregnant at 16 my parents would kick me out of the house and wouldn't support me at all and my family means the world to me but they are SUPER STRICT . When I told them I had a boyfriend they started screaming and yelling at me and it got to the stage where my mum called me a "low class sl*t" because of his nationality. I love this boy alot because he makes me very happy and is the only boy i have met which understands me and fully supports me when im dealing with issues.

Im freaking out if im pregnant and theres no way that I can get a pregnancy test because my mum barley lets me out of the house and the only time im ever able to see my boyfriend is at school and at parties.

I am freaking out alot and if I am pregnant I will do anything to loose the baby . I know its bad but I cant risk loosing my family . If nothing works I will defiantly commit suicide . So overall from your experiences could i be pregnant in all honesty please ?


Well it doesn't sound like your pregnant. If he washed his hands thoroughly then there shouldn't be any sperm on his hand to get your pregnant. It might just be hunger. If you guys did that all in one night/day then yes, you would be tired and hungry. You shouldnt worry too much, and if your thinking of suicide you might need to get therapy. If you still believe your pregnant an have any other signs like back aches, throwing up, breast growth, or tummy getting larger within 3 months then go take a test. If your family wont care for you if it does become pregnancy, then you must find someone who will, parents are supposed to be there for you.