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I am starting to get anxious.. Okay, so I've BEEN anxious! I think I am pregnant. When I ask people they say it is too vague, so I thought id ask the experts =P... It doesn't seem vague to me..

I last had my period on the 21st of February, today is the 21st of March, but I technically have a 26 day signs that it's coming yet, I had been pregnant once before and I remember implantation bleeding. None of that this time.

For the last like 2 weeks I have had cramping, not really strong, just mild, with little twinges in my lower abdomen and it switches sides. It was more frequent before but has died down slightly. Still some cramping. Now though its more of a bloated sick and cramping.

I have been extremely moody with my boyfriend, but that is not a good tell tale sign for me :-) we are going through things. (not between us, we love each other very much, but just tough time in life)

I have been tiiired, every day I am sleepy. That started a little less than 2 weeks ago. I can take a nap in the middle of the day! (unheard of for me, unless cuddling)

Oh I almost forgot... HOT FLASHES! Definite hot flashes or even lasting waves to where I was asking people 'why its so hot in here' and they didnt know what I was talking about. Those started around the 17th or 18th

Got constipated for half a week last week, uck, i dont feel like its totally back to normal now either..

around the 17th or 18th also my boobs started to get sore and heavy. This happens before my period, but this time, my nipples are more sore and sensitive than anything! and they have been itchy sometimes. When I was pregnant before I remember how my nipples were so sensitive..

Around the 18th or 19th, nausea. It comes in waves. Sometimes its so strong that I think I'm gonna be sick, and other times its more like a fluttering feeling nausea. This morning I had to get up early to come to work and I was so nauseated. Driving to work i swore I was going to be sick. But i dont have the flu for sure... When I was pregnant before, I did not have nausea, maybe just slightly but very rarely.. I know they say each is different..

I'll also have nausea and hunger at the same time sometimes, even if I've eaten in the last hour.

I also have a hard time eating one big full meal.. but i can snack all day.. When i try to eat a full meal, about half way through i lose my appetite.

The last time I took a pregnancy test it was a First Response Early Result on the 18th. It was negative.

So u guys are the experts, what do you think?

Just noticed that the little bumps on my nipples (forget what theyre called) are becoming bigger than usual..


I would give it more time about a week, it could have been to early to test, yet those could have been period syptoms aswell. Good luck.


also you get hot flashes around the time your are ovulating. your body temperature rises when you ovulate so that could have been why and with feb being a short month and the time change that could have affected your period. plus periods are usually late after having sex like 2 or 3 days late. wait and see give it a week or so and see if you get your period if not then by the clearblue pregnancy tests that say "pregnant" or "not pregnant" the line ones suck and i do not recommend them


im 20yrs. old and i had na unprotected sex with my bf last feb.26.. im really confused.. i had my period on march 11 ( i didnt know if its really a menstrual period, but it is not as heavy as my last period last month which is from feb14-feb18).

This time only took 2days from march11-12,it is color red.. but in march13 the blood becomes very little amount and it was dark brown, in march 14 it continues to be dark brown.. but in march 15, 16 and 17 it becomes light brown and it is very little amount.. i dont know if this is implantation bleeding bcoz what i have read on the internet was, the implantation occurs 1 week before your expected period.. but in my case.. it came when i suppose to have my period, i start to bleed (the red blood for 2days) from march 11-12,
im really confused.. i dont know if im pregnant or not(hopefully).. the symptoms that im experiencing is a little and occasional dizziness in the afternoon, and sometimes cramps on my stomach but it is very little pain.. pls. help me.. i dont take pregnancy test because im really scared (if it turned to be positive).. pls. help.. tnx..

im trying to think that it was a menstrual period.. but what bothers me, is that why im having some light dizziness every afternoon from march 13 until march20? .. i didnt know if this was bcoz of stress that im having everyday bcoz of thinking and thinking about the implantation bleeding or possibility that i can be pregnant.... i will admit.. everyday it crosses on my my mind almost every hour of the day...

as of march21-march23(today) im having a clear with light yellow discharge... what does this mean? am i pregnant?
i just want to add that yestreday and today,,, i didnt felt any dizziness... pls. help me.. im really confused...


implantation bleeding can come at the time of your usual period. it varies from person to person. implantation bleeding usually last a couple of days and is dark brown or very light red and is like spotting. or it could just be due to stress. i would wait a week or so and take a pregnancy test get clearblue the ones that say "pregnant" or "not pregnant" the line tests arent so accurate. and the yellowish discharge could be a yeast infectiong, which sometimes happens when you are pregnant,



,,, the discharge that im having now is something clear(like water) but also have something yellowish color,, it is not that thick,, but it is like the mucus that our nose produces when we are sick or have colds....

as of today (march24).. i still have it... but not that much... i think it is decreasing in amount now.... what do you think? is this a sign that im pregnant? the discharge is not smelly...