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OKay.. im in an odd situation me and my fiance have been to gether for 2 years and we want to have a baby now... but i have been on birth control for about 7 months BUT only 4 consecutive months if that makes any sense... I stopped taking th bc about 2 weeks ago give or take a few days.. and my last period was on the 4 th.. now i think this period was becasue i just up and stopped my bc.. but i am not sure it wasnt just a little bit of blood with mild cramps it was my normal period before bc. ( just a little not my gyno put me on bc because my periods stopped regulating.. she said in about 6 months they would regulate if i stayed on the pills.) now im not trying to cinfuse you but... Sept.-Dec. I had TWO periods a month ON BIRTH CONTROL. this had never happend... now the first period was around the 5th..(when i used to have periods of b/c) these begining periods were verrrry heavy with LOTS and LOTS of pain ful cramps... then at the end of my bc cycle i had the very light mild/no cramp bc period.... Is it possible that my regular period came back while i was on bc?..

Any way the real reason of this post is im very confused... like i said i just got of bc about a week or two ago and my period ended the 4th of jan. well me and my boyfriend always h ave unprotected sex and most the time he cums in me.. well about a day or too ago i noticed that i had peed atleast 5 times more then i usally do in a day.. and that i had had gas.. (i never get gas) i hadnt ate ne thing that i usally didnt or that had ever gave me gas.. and then yesterday i felt dead to the world my body was soooo tired and i had to work =( it was terrible... on top of that my back is KILLING me .... i was lyiing in my bed i love sooo much... and i had to ease into it b/c my back hurt so bad.. and i could hardly straighten it when i stand up and it just plain old hurts right now sitten in this chair even its killing me.. and ive noticed ive had a really hard time focusing..
and i get pissed off easy.. like for no reason i mean seriously like if you cant read my mind and i have to tell you what im thinking i get mad.. now i was wondering if this could mean im pregnant... or something else ... and i know that the first thing to come in your head is that its bc i stopped b/c but ihave stopped and started this b/c so many times.. it was ortho tr cyclen lo if thats means anything.. but okay i know thast long but please try and help!


Omg even I am dying whether I'm pregnant or not!:( me and my boyfriend we were both naked and I just kept on giving him a hand job& blow. He also kept on rubbing my virgina, will I be pregnant by any chance? Like he's penis were dry and wet, we were fooling around while we were naked. Will I get pregnant? :S