Hello sorry this is long but I would really appreciate your help carifairy, you've been wonderful so far!!!
I was just wanting some reassurance about something. Back on January 29...My gf and I were having sex when the condom broke. I hadnt "gone" in the condom..but there was a little pre cum probably. Anyways..30 min after the condom broke..I went and got plan b and she took it as directed. Anyways..Her last period was january 22-27. She hadnt got her period in feb and we got really worried. I posted on here and read that plan b can really screw up girls cycles and everything. Anyways...A week ago(march 5 approx), her boobs got sore and bigger and she started getting bad cramps, and she was bloated!..and we thought 'well this is just great', because they were signs of pregnancy. Just 2 days ago though(march 14)...SHE GOT HER period finally and we were so relieved. Well sorta relieved lol...I have been worrying for almost 2months now that she might be pregnant and its hard to break the habit after so long and I just wanna know what the chances of her being pregnant are right now. Her boobs have decreased in size and her bloating is gone as well. We had taken a pregnancy test about feb 26 and it was negative.

Also..the same week that her boobs got sore and larger, and she was bloated...she felt like her period was coming so she was wearing a pad 24/7....she then had vaginal disharge that smelled like bread? so could the disharge be because she had been wearing a pad non stop and she got a yeast infection?..she gets them alot. It seems like im answering my own questions I know lol..but I would love for some feedback! One more question...what are the chances of my gf getting pregnant if we have sex with a spermicidal condom but she isnt on birth control? We arent havin sex again until she gets some birth control..but I am still curious.

Thank you so much for your help!!!! It is really appreciated!!!!