I have been on been on b/c for a bout 4 months now i am on ortho tri cyclen lo... and i am on it to regulate my periods because they stopped a few months back my gyno said it was because i am so light she explained to me that i really had nothing to worry about.. but now im not sure if they are back yet... i want to stop b/c and have a baby.. a guy at the health store said that if i take ginseng it will help along with fertilty pills.... will these help if i have no period?? i want to take them and have a baby but the fertilty blend box says to take with at least 3 cycles.. BUT i dont im not sure if i will have a cycle... i just had a period a few days ago but im not sure if its because i stopped my birth control or what i used to get 2 periods a month on b/c now i only get one.. but im not sure if the last period was caused by b/c or if it came from.. yah know me lol if any one even has an opion i would apprciate it alot.. thank you..