Hello, I am a 35 year old man and I have a bit of a problem masturbating.

I am impotent after being on medication, fortunately if I physically handle my penis it can get erect, then I can masturbate, then I reach the pre-ejaculate phase. I enjoy this sensation, but then I seem to calm down and don't feel much sensation after I try to carry on.

I did carry on once, and I got a stronger feeling, but it felt like I needed to urinate, so I stopped.

The thing is, when I reach preejaculate, I feel a good sense that I've achieved something and I'm impressed by the precum, so much that I think "That's enough" and I don't carry on. The same sexual thoughts don't turn me on after preejeculate, which is a bit worrying.

Is this normal? Is it just down to the individual? Or maybe subconciously I'm thinking I'd rather save the actual orgasm for the right girl when I come to have sex for real?

Any advice at all would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.