I am very nervous and tensed.please help me out.On 23rd december,2010 i got intimacy with my boyfriend, and my boyfriend got ejaculated in his own hand. after ejaculation, he wiped his hand and some how i remembered that he touched my vagina. on that day i was on my period day. the very next day my period got over.on 7th january i had a small amout of bleeding, and on 14th january i had my period and stayed for 7 days, on 12th february i had my period again and that is also stayed for 6 days. but on march 15th i had my period which stayed only for 2 days with very minute bleeding. and this is something which making me worry :'( :'( .

I noticed my breasts and i found that my surrounding areas near my nipples are a bit darker. (not black,its more brown).i am not having any other symptoms of pregnancy, except sometime i become very tired now a days. No nausa, no vomiting, no headache, no backpain, my weight is also normal(same as last two month's),no breast tendering, no soarness.

I am having some personal family problem , my aunt is dying infront of me, i had very baad time at my office and i lost my job, my parents are fighting , my mom is very ill from last one month,i am fighting all with this, i cry everyday.My bf is my only support who actually understanding me.

is here any chance i am pregnant? me and my bf are very tensed on this along with my other problems. Please help me out.. :'(