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PLS HELP I AM SO WORRIED IF I AM PREGNANT & if I am pregnant, who is the father of baby. On nov 27 my long distance boyfriend arrived to my country on nov29 I got my period. Dec 27 he back to his country,We both stay together for almost 1 month and Dec30 I got my period. Jan 10 i go out with my bestfriend and we got sex ( I don't know if he enter his sperm because we both drunk ) jan12 my xbf invite me to his party and we make sex (withrawal) . On jan14 & jan19 my long time crush in Highschool invite me to go out and we make sex (withdrawal). I am so worried because by the month of January my period not come I'm 4 days delayed. -DO I AM Pregnant?? Who is the father? Please help me


Hi Butterfly,

Your last period STARTED on December 30.  Normally you will ovulate between days 11 and 16 of your cycle.  Day 1 is when it starts.  Sperm can survive UP TO about 5 days.

You had sex on Jan 10 - Day 11 of your cycle with your best friend.

You had sex on Jan 12 - Day 13 of your cycle with your ex boyfriend.

You had sex on Jan 14 and 19, days 15 and 20 with your crush.

If you are pregnant it could be either of them.  The withdrawal method is not reliable.

Take a home pregnancy test.  You MUST use your first morning urine, your wake up pee, for the best accuracy.  If it reads negative, and still no period by about 10 days late, retest.

Good luck.