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I want to teach you how to get the look of Miss Cara Delevigne's brows, even if you don't have a lot in the way of natural brow hair — using brow extensions. They're a nifty little invention and look wonderfully natural. Learn more about them here.

By now, you probably know that you can get eyelash extensions — teeny tiny little pieces of hair that a stylist glues one by one onto your eyelashes to give you the appearance of a gal with a "look at me" flutter without having to get out your makeup bag. Brilliant for holidays, the beach, or those times when you're feeling a little bit lazy.

But there's something new. The same kinda process used for lash extensions is now being used for brow extensions, to give you the thick, full, Cara brows of your very dreams, and luckily, it's completely painless and lasts for weeks on end — which means that during that time, you can let your own brows grow in, establish the perfect brow shape, and you'll soon have gorgeous brows without having to get extensions. Yay! Here, I walk you through each and every step of what happens during the appointment, as well as how long your brows will last and who they are suitable for.

All About The Extensions

First up, the stylist will likely give your face a quick cleanse to make sure that the extensions can properly adhere to the hairs already there. They'll take a look at what you're already rockin', be it full and bushy brows, or absolutely nothing at all. The brilliant thing about brow extensions is that they are suitable for literally everyone, even folk who have no eyebrow hair at all, because they hairs can adhere directly to your skin. 
The only difference is that they don't last for very long, around seven to 14 days, because they don't grow out with your own brow hair: instead, they'll come off when you rub or wash your face or when you sweat, so they're more suited to a special occasion. If you have a full set 'o brows they'll last for up to five weeks, which is a real time saver if you're always using a lot of powder and pencil in the mornings. 
An infill set of brows (if yours are partially grown out) costs less than a full set, and you can also get an in-between set if you have some brow hair but not a lot, so there's something here for everyone.

The Application Process

Once your brows are perfectly cleansed, the stylist will help you decide which color extension you need to be going for. Most salons offer extensions in a range of colors that will work with your skin tone, and it's always best to go a little bit darker than lighter, because this will make your face appear more youthful. They also offer hairs in two types: coarse, and fine, which is brilliant if your hairs are a little thicker and more wiry so that you get an exact match for your brows and no weird "my eyebrows are mismatched" feeling. Some salons even offer hairs in "curly" and "straight" varieties. Once that's all sorted, the stylist will literally draw a line right around your eyebrows so that there's a guide for where the extensions should sit. Yep.
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