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Last July I moved overseas for a job. I was working in a country with limited health care options. I had my period my first week there. I haven't had it since. I returned home recently and have a doctor's appointment set for Tuesday.

I have never had a regular period. I started a week before my 17th birthday and I can go 1-2 months in between typically. My periods often involve cramping and a few times it's been painful enough to make me feel like death. I was a collegiate athlete in an endurance sport, so it takes a great deal of pain to make me cry--which this did. Earlier today I noticed I had tiny slivers of blood clot.

I'm sure there are numerous explanations for this, but I was wondering if anyone had insight. Just curious to see what my doctor might say--I'm a researcher by profession and it kills me having to wait to ask questions, but I'm certainly not a menstrual health expert and don't want to fall prey to webmd! :)


Hi Guest,

Definitely see your doctor ASAP.

Black indicates "old" blood.  It is important to find the source/cause.  It could be a cyst, possibly a structural problem.  At any rate you need to find out why you are not having your period.  It could indicate a hormonal problem.

Keep us posted.  Good luck.