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Hi ladies- my husband and I have been ttc for 8 months with no luck. We are both 25 yrs old and have 3 yr old daughter together. We have an appt with a fertility dr In June but are getting super worried as too what's taking so long. Our daughter was a surprise so we are new to the "2 week wait ". Which is super frustrating I must say. Anyway this month I did the ovulation kit and it showed I ovulated the 15-17th of may. My last period was on the 1st of may. But my periods have always been irregular. I've had light spotting brownish-pink for the last 2 days. I took a pregnancy test today because my boobs are super sore an I'm spotting so I just wanted to check. It was negative. I'm still 5 days early till my next period. Am I pregnant or what?! Really hoping so but not getting my hopes up :(:(


Hey, if your periods are always irregular, then this cant really be a good way for you to figure out whether you are pregnant or not. since you have been trying, and you have had kids before this too, i would say that there is a good possibility that you might be pregnant. if you take the pee stick tests, make sure to get atleast two or three different brands so that there is less room for error. i hope that you get the results that you want, and i hope that your pregnancy goes well for you! best of luck!