I'm 13 and I have been getting discharge for about 4-6 months now! It started out as a light yellow and then got thick and white. For the past 2-3 weeks I have been getting stomache pains but every day I thought t was just because I just needed to go to the bathroom. Until this past friday when the pain was really low in my stomache and it hurt so bad I needed to get Advil from the school nurse! Itt wasn't thht I was nausous or needed to poop. it was a wierd pai I had never felt before. At first I didn't think thet were cramps but now I'm not sure! The reason for my concern is that I have been getting white discharge for about a month now but I just went to the bathroom and found that it is a dark yellow. It looks almost slightly brown but it is a ligh brown all throughout. There are no specific spots of bood. It looks as if I mixed a lot of water with a little bit of chocolate and came out that diluted chocoltae color with dark yellow mixed in but I'm not sure if it's spotting or not! My sister got her first period on the last day or sixth grade and I'm two weeks away from the last day of school (I'm in sixth grade). My mom got hers the summer before seventh grade. I don't know if I'll start soon or not because I don't have any armpit hair, I'm still in a training bra, and though my leg hair is thick and I shave it, it is not black. If I am going to start my period soon the only signs I have are that I do have pubic hair and it is black and just starting to curl (but not super thick) and I have bbeen getting discharge and what might be cramps. Pleaee help me! I used to be excited to get my first period but now that I'm nearing the age my sister and mom got theirs I'm super nervous. A lot of my friends have been getting theirs and they keep teasing me saying how they think I'm gonna start soon since I've been so moody lately but I'm just not sure. Please help me!!!!!!!! When will I get it?