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Helloo. I have been on the depo shot since my son was born almost a year ago now. I have had some weight gain and just really wanted to change my birth control. He told me my options and I decided to try the nuva ring. My partner and me have been split up for two weeks now. I am feeling a little aquard because it has been a month since I had intercourse. Now I am debating if I really need this birth control since I am not even seeing anybody now. If I do have an incounter with someone I do plan on using protection. It is just that when I inserted it I felt a little aroused. I don't know what I am really asking I guess. Should I just stick with it? does anyone know or have experience with this?


Because you never know when a condom will break, or if you get caught up in the moment, NUVA RING is excellent! Generally most women do very well on Nuva RING=) Weight gain and moodiness are less common, and some women even remark about weight loss with Nuva ring. (some do lose weight with Yasmin as well)

I'd say for safety sake use birth control =)