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I have been on the nuva ring for a year now but I have bee feeling like I am pregent Is there a possiabilty that I am? I have took a test but it cam eback negative. But i still feel nausea in the morning and looks like I have gain alittle weight. Can you help me?


Nausea and weight gain do not typically happen until 5-6 weeks of pregnancy, because this is when your body prodcues the chemicals that tend to cause morning sickness.

Weight gain is not much in the first trimester! The fetus is only the size of a rice grain, not enough to take up much space yet.

It could be that you worry so much, your body is creating the symptoms.

If you are using the nuva ring correctly, then you should have a low risk of pregnancy.

A test can be taken about 4 days before a missed period, nut it needs to be a special "first response" test.