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I have been on the nuva ring for about 6-7 months now. I love using it as I was very bad at remembering to take my pill every day. I went to remove it this month and realized that it was GONE! I can normally tell if it even SHIFTS into a funny position, so i cannot figure out how I lost it! About 30 minutes after I realized it was gone, I got my was a little heavier than normal, but a full period of 5 days. Since then, I have had increased breast tenderness, cramps in my pelvic area and just feel off in general. I am in between OBGYN's and dont have an appointment for a new prescription for another few days, but I am PRAYING I am not pregnant. Could these just be symptoms of my body adjusting to being off birth control?? And is there ANY chance the Ring is still in there somewhere???



The bleeding would be a sign that your NUVA RING fell out.

Pregnancy, as long as you have not had sex since the NUVA RING fell out, is less likely.