Ok sorry if this has been asked before but I am very confused right now. I finished my 21 days in Nuva ring this passed Sunday BUT I started having a brown discharge on thursday than it was spotting blood. My doctor said it was usually just the side effect of the Nuva ring but now I'm thinking if it was implantation bleeding. But here is what else could be the problem. It's Tuesday now and it kinda feels like a period but not really if that makes sense :/. A month ago I messed up my dates and took Nuva ring out in 14 days instead of 21 and started my period. My Gyno told me to just put another ring that sunday and everything will be fine. So could it be that I am pregnant or just my period because I messed up my cycle? I don't care if I am pregnant I'm just worried if I am than I want to avoid to put the ring on this Sunday. I also took a test and it said not pregnant but could this be a false negative? Sorry if this is so much but i felt my doctor wasn't too much help since all she told me was the was the side effect of the ring.