Hi,This is my first time on this website and post. I'm so sorry that my post will be so long but don't know how else to explain my situation with out explaining everything. Thanks so much to anyone who reads my novel post, lol.I'm feeling extremely frustrated with my Neurosurgeon. I had ACDF surgery almost 4 weeks ago for severe herniated disc c-5 or c-6. My neck, shoulder, and arm pain started after the end of November 2012 after a car accident. After accident I had constant shoulder and neck pain with on & off arm pain with numbness in hand and I could not turn my neck all the way or bend it to my shoulder without terrible pain. Therapy didn't help and in May 2013 I had an MRI and referred to a neurosurgeon because of a severe bulging disk. Anyway Dr. Recommended surgery but stated some of my shoulder and neck pain was due to whip lash from car accident.I had the surgery preformed July 16th, Dr took out disc completely and put a plastic spacer in. So the numbness is gone and arm pain, but I'm having a lot of pain at base of head and back/side of my neck. Last night I was in tears it was so bad and I had trouble even sleeping. When I saw surgeon for post op appt and told him I had this burning neck pain and shoulder pain he said that it was whiplash? This pain is a completely different pain then I had prior to this surgery and I'm confused? Unless my ACDF caused me whiplash how can this post op pain be whiplash? I really felt as though he was blowing me off and them told me he'd see me again at the end of October in three months! What do I do now about my pain and discomfort? If anyone has any advice for me I'd be extremely grateful. I'm also having shooting pain occasionally down the opposite arm that I've had no problems with prior to surgery.Thanks for any help or advice anyone gives me..Brooke