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3 months ago I suffered from a very large herniated disc at C5&C6 which was compressing 50% of my spinal cord and causing excruciating pain and neurological symptoms. I risked paralysis if I didn't get the surgery.
First off, I want to thank my Neurosurgeon; Dr. Moore of Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC. I am currently doing great. I have virtually no pain and feel like a new man. I am already in the gym 3x per week lifting weights, and am bigger and stronger than I have ever been. I go back to work next week (my job requires heavy lifting) and I am absolutley ready to go back. This surgery saved my life. I would recommend going to the best possible Neurosurgeon in your area for this surgery. Success rates are extremely contingent on the surgeons experience. I remember before my surgery my doctor comforting me, promising me that in 6 months to a year I wouldn't even remember that I had the surgery. It's only 3 months and I barely remember. I am 24 years old by the way.


Thank goodness someone has something good to say.  I am scheduled for C3/4 and c5/6 ACDF in two weeks.  A bit scared, because there seems to be few people who have anything good to say.  My issues started two years ago with a fall.  My neck per say does not hurt, but the arm pain is a continous burn.  I have done the shots and PT with good results at first, but the last two have not worked.  Any encouragement would be greatly appreciated.  How long did it take you to get so you were able to be self-sufficient to do normal daily living activities and to drive.