So my boyfriend and I were messing around on Jan 4 (two thursdays ago) and he ended up sticking it unprotected for about 10 seconds at the most.. he didn’t ejaculate or anything but there might have been some precum so I decided to take plan b roughly 30 minutes after. My period usually comes around the 10th-13th of every month so i decided to wait and i thought I got it last friday, Jan 12, on time, but it wasn’t very heavy after the first day. I haven’t needed a tampon or pad since but there is still some brownish blood when i use the bathroom. usually my periods are light to medium, so i am just wondering how i know if it’s my period or bleeding as a side effect of plan b? I also took a pregnancy test yesterday and it said negative but I am thinking it would be too early to take a pregnancy test. I have been freaking out and googling every possible thing for the past week!!