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Hello all! 

So a while ago in January, I had sex. We started out with no condom for a while but eventually had protected sex. In any case, I decided to be safe and take Plan B the next day just in case. I did and everything was fine... or so I thought. 

I'd already had my period that month in January about two weeks before. After I took Plan B, I got my period WAY earlier than usual. It was still the end of January and I got my period again (although someone told me this isn't a "period" but the side-effects from the Plan B). ANYWAY, I had that. It lasted probably until about the 3-4 of February. 

Then, at the end of February/beginning of March (I really need to start charting my cycles) I got my period again. It was for the normal amount of time, and the same flow it's always been. So, I counted that as my period for March. 

On March 26th (early morning of the 27th) I had sex. I did not take Plan B (and I'm not on birth control, it was unprotected sex) afterwards because I thought nothing happened. I was expecting to get my period early in the month of April. It didn't come. I'd heard that two weeks after having unprotected sex, it is possible to get a "positive" reading on a pregnancy test. Exactly two weeks (maybe a day early), on April 8th, I took a pregnancy test and it came back negative. This pregnancy test was taken probably over a week/a few days after I was supposed to have my period (my cycle changed a little after taking Plan B). So, thinking it could have been a little early to take the test, I waited 5 more days. I tested again on April 13th. The same thing- not pregnant. 

Here is where I started getting worried: at the same time that I should have been getting my period, for ONE DAY ONLY I had a very very very very VERY light pink color in my discharge. This has NEVER happened to me before. It was only with one wipe (sorry if that's graphic, but it's true) and it never appeared again. That same day or the day after, I had clear discharge with a SMALL string of blood in it. Like I said, this never happens to me. Even when my period is on it's way, I usually start out with dark brown/red discharge. Never this. But, I'd heard stories about how Plan B screws up your period so I chalked it up to that my period was coming. 

Another thing I thought of it is that the same night that I had sex, I was also fingered VERY roughly and for a LONG time. It'd been a while since I'd had anything like that and afterwards my vagina was really sore and itchy. I read that rough fingering/sex can cause that but that it should go away within a few days. It did and that's when the light pink discharge/bleeding occurred. I was thinking perhaps the fingering did something to the walls of my vagina and so that was a little discharge from it? I don't know. 

During this month I keep getting symptoms like I'm going to have my period. ALWAYS right before I get my period, I start having small dull cramps. They are barely noticeable, but they're there. I could have sworn I was getting those around the time of my period, but nothing. Also this week I just FELT like how I usually do a week before my period. Nervous, jittery, can't really think straight or concentrate. That always happens to me. But still, nothing. 

I plan on taking another pregnancy test. I really hope that I am not (and with two negative pregnancy tests I feel certain that I'm not) but I'm not sure what else to do. I will make an appt with my GYNO but I usually have to wait a while to be seen so, wanted some immediate advice if anyone has any. 

Also-- the month of March was kind of crazy for me. I went out A LOT and got back at really weird hours. I would stay up all night and sleep all day, thus changing my schedule completely. I did this every weekend and even sometimes during the week. As it's not something I normally do, I sort of think that this also really messed up my schedule but again, I'm not sure. 

I know I have A LOT of factors going on here, I'm just trying to look at the brightside and hope that nothing is seriously wrong. UGH! Why must my period be so irregular!! 

Thanks in advance for the help!!! 


yeah i would definitely go to your gyno!