Just wanted to share my experience to hopefully calm some people's fears. So to start all the way from the beginning, on Jan. 6th my boyfriend and I had sex three times one night, first two times with condom but then the last time with no protection or birth control whatsoever. it was stupid on both of our parts but i got extremely nervous after. He said he peed in between the times we had sex which could have removed sperm but it's not certain if all had been cleared if precum had leaked out during sex. He did not ejaculate in me either. However, i was extremely nervous and took plan b 22 hours after the incident. After taking plan b i started getting headaches for about a week and then i started bleeding. it started off as brown discharge then led into bleeding like a period even though i wasn't supposed to get a period for two weeks (i had only been two days off my period when we had sex). i stopped bleeding and felt pretty fine. Waiting for my period which wasn't due until Jan 25th was absolutely hell. I scared myself and researching things online does not help by any means. any small thing i would look up and googling symptoms of pregnancy consumed my time. i even would stress myself to the point where i would feel sick or trick myself into feeling like i had symptoms. SO IF YOU ARE NERVOUS DO NOT SEARCH CONSTANTLY ON GOOGLE YOU WILL ONLY PYSCH YOURSELF UP. Well, then i missed my period on the 25th so i took a pregnancy test, one 5 days after my missed period and then another one the next morning. Both were negative but i continues to feel nervous (as i have heard of false negatives). But now, i can sit here and tell you that i finally got my period, thought it seems lighter, exactly a week after i was supposed to get my period. Don't stress yourself up and listen to everything online. Use protection and don't stress out though i know it's easier said than done! Plan B messes with your period cycle and it is not unusual for a period to be late or even to miss one.