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I have a really irregular cycle in general, and I think taking Plan B has messed it up even more.  My last period was January 31st to Feb 4th.  The cycle before that was December 15th to December 19th.  I don't remember when the cycle before that started, but i think it was late October or early November.   I had unprotected sex on Feb 5th although he did not ejaculate in me and took Plan B the next day (Feb 6th).  I had another 'period' Feb 8th to Feb 11th which was a fairly typical period for me but it was lighter than normal.  Normally my first 48 hours are really heavy and this was pretty consistent the whole time.  It definitely wasn't just spotting because I still had to use feminine products as per a usual period.  It's now March 9th and still no sign of my period, but I'm not sure what to count as my last period...the period before or after Plan B.  I'd take a pregnancy test but I was in an accident two weeks ago and am living with my parents as I can't drive due to a broken leg.  I can't really ask them to go get a test for me and there's a good chance I can't drive for another week or so.  

I know that irregular periods after plan b are typical, I just don't know when I should be expecting my period and if there is a chance that I am pregnant.  In a nutshell, I'm not sure when I should start freaking out (more than I already am.)

Any help / insight would be greatly appreciated!


I would suggest going ahead and scheduling an appointment to see your gynocologist.

I have usually very light menstrual cycles that for the most part are regular, but do skip a month here and there. I used Plan B once and became concerned when 3 months later I still hadn't had a period. I was also having some stomach pain/cramping during those months. When I went in for my exam, of course a pregnancy test was done first which turned out negative. So we proceeded with a full exam and it was determined that the Plan B had just basically made my system get "out of whack" and couldn't reset itself without assistance. I was placed on another form of oral med (which the type and name of escapes me at this moment) for a short period of time that jumpstarted my system to have a menstrual cycle. Once that happened, my system was repaired and all was normal again from there on out.

As for choosing which date accurately represents your "last menstrual cycle", you would want to document the date previous to taking Plan B. You may mention the bleeding after taking Plan B to your physician, but most likely that was not a true menstrual cycle.

Apparently it is a common occurance for menstrual cycles to become messed up after taking Plan B, according to my gynocologist.

Good luck and I hope all is well with you :)



Thanks so back for getting back to me so quickly! Considering all the circumstances of my situation I'm really not too worried, just a little annoyed/frustrated i'm so out of whack. I took a pregnancy test today which was negative and I have an appointment to see a gynecologist in a month (I'm in a new city so I have to wait forever since I'm a new patient). I've been needing to go anyway just because these periods are driving me insane!

I'm also having stomach pain, cramping, and a little bit of bloating so hopefully the gyno I see can sort me out as well! Hormonal imbalance runs in my family, and this is the first time in a long time I'm living without roommates. I think living with 3 other women helped keep me a little more regular before since they were all really regular. Hopefully I do get my period before my appointment, but if I don't I'm not going to psych myself out.

You really helped with the peace of mind factor so I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question!