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Do you think you might be pregnant? If you are approaching the date of that period that will hopefully never come, you will be on the look out for those earliest possible pregnancy signs. What are the most common early indications that you are expecting.

1. Fatigue

Fatigue has got to take first place when it comes to early pregnancy signs. Why? Because your body works very hard while your tiny peanut implants into the uterine lining and starts developing at an amazing rate after that. Extreme fatigue, of the kind that will hardly allow you to make it through the day without taking a nap, is one of the first signs of pregnancy. Your hormones are raging before you even missed your period, and first trimester fatigue may show up a few days before you get the chance to take a pregnancy test. It can also, of course, hit you a little later.

2. Morning sickness

Morning sickness can, as most people know, turn up at any time of the day. It can involve feeling a little queasy, or you may have a full-out vomiting sessions. Pregnancy nausea really may come in the morning, or you may feel nauseous in the afternoon, in the evening, at night, or even all day long. One thing is for sure morning sickness affects 75 percent of all pregnant women in some form, and you are likely to start noticing this symptom very early on. If you have really, really heavy morning sickness to the point that you cannot keep fluids down, that's called hyperemesis gravidarum. This often requires hospitalization and you will need to see your doctor as soon as you notice a problem.

3. Feeling emotional

Are you crying as soon as you witness something touching? Are you unusually angry? Do you feel your moods changing from one moment to the next? Welcome to the wonderful world of pregnancy hormones. You may not turn into an emotional wreck, but it isn't uncommon. If you are feeling unusually emotional, it could well be an early pregnancy sign. 

4. More frequent urination

Are you on the toilet every five minutes, wondering if you really drank so much water? Pregnancy hormones make you pee, all the time. Later on in pregnancy, the size of your uterus will weigh down on your bladder and will make you urinate more often again. At the very beginning of pregnancy, it is only hormones that force you to be on the toilet so often.

5. Tender and bigger breasts

Do we need to talk about those hormones yet again? Many women notice breast changes throughout their normal menstrual cycle. Your breasts may always feel tender and heavy during ovulation and as you are approaching your period. Still, tender, bigger and heavy breasts are definitely a pregnancy symptom. If you are pregnant, this symptom will not subside and will continue your entire pregnancy, as your breasts get ready to feed your baby.

6. A missed period

A missed period is, of course, the first pregnancy sign that is not ambiguous. You may have been suffering from early pregnancy fatigue, from morning sickness, mood swings, and have noticed tender breasts. But it is not until you miss that period that you will realize that the pregnancy symptoms that you are suffering from are real, and not wishful thinking. Those women who have irregular menstrual cycles have a harder job. How do you determine whether your period is not there because it is irregular, or whether it is because you are pregnant? Well, taking a pregnancy test here and there can certainly be helpful in those circumstances. Everyone else should also take a home pregnancy test to confirm the pregnancy. Once you get your positive pregnancy test, you can be sure that you are expecting. At this point, it is a good idea to call your healthcare provider to make your first prenatal appointment. When you will be seen depends on the kind of provider you choose, as well as they country you live in. In the meantime, make sure that you are still taking your folic acid, that you don't smoke and drink, and that you eat as healthily as possible the first trimester of pregnancy really is very important for your baby's development.

  • Photo courtesy of 123rf (stock photos)
  • Photo courtesy of 123rf (stock photos)