okay so this might sound stupid but on Feb 5th i lost my virginity and my "period" came on time that month but it was shorter and lighter than my normal periods. it was bright red in colour and i did fill a tampon a few times. the next month my period came on time again too but again it was a bit shorter than my regular periods. This period was heavier than the previous one however. Then in april i got my period again on time and the same thing. a couple days before each of these periods i had my regular tender breasts and cramps. I had some very painful cramps during the first two days of my period in April. Now at the end on april i started birth control-alesse. During the first week of may the condom broke so i took plan b within two hours of the incident. I then received my period on my expected week off the of the pills at the regular time and it was heavier than any of my periods since losing my viriginity 4 months ago. my question is, is it possible that i am pregnant???? i know i am overreacting but it's hard not to think about it. if you bleed at your expected time after taking plan B you cannot be pregnant right??? I guess i am more concerned that i am pregnant from that first time in February. Although i have been getting on time "periods" since. the change in amount and lenghth is somewhat concerning. I should mention i took two pregnany tests...first response and clear blue...both 6 weeks after sex and they came out negative.