Hello-- I have seen slightly similar questions to mine posted here, but not any that could directly answer me, so here goes:

My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex, using the pull-out method, once on April 20th and two more times April 21st. I had had my period from April 12-15th or 16th (my periods are generally shorter than most other women). I am also one to get my period slightly earlier than normal, with my cycle lasting anywhere from 20 to 28 days. So this wasn't really a great time to try something as risky as the pull-out method, but at the same time we had a lot of sex around this time (which hopefully means less of a chance of pre-cum containing sperm?) and there were no complications in the method (ie. he pulled out before, no problem, etc.).

I began to worry about even the small chance of pregnancy and took Plan B on the 25th. legally the makers of plan b cannot claim any sort of protection after 72 hours, but it is said to have some effectiveness as late as 120 hours, so I figured it couldn't hurt. I got what I thought was my period from April 30th-May 3rd. It definitely wasn't something like spotting-- It was brownish for a day, heavier bleeding for maybe a day and a half, then lighter bleeding and a bit of brown at the end. It was a bit longer-lasting than what I am used to; and it also came early (however this was not necessarily a surprise, as my periods can often come early.)

Well, so I was very relieved then.. but It is now June 2nd, and my period has yet to come, when, if I were on a 28 day cycle, it should have come the 27th. I have however been experiencing cramping. Now I am beginning to really worry. Can Plan B disrupt your cycle? Maybe for some reason my period will skip a month? Or be late? I am very very anxious now. I am going to take an at home pregnancy test, but I am just wondering if this could be normal, or if anyone could give me any sort of information about it???